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In a world of home break ins and packages being stolen from front porches, the reasons to opt for a wireless security camera system are numerous.

wireless home alarms systems

Moreover, t he effectiveness of wireless cameras can match with any from the wired devices.

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While a five year contract might translate into a lower monthly fee, it really depends on the company.

best home security

What’s the difference between home alarm and home security?As far as the industry’s concerned, not much. Technically speaking, a burglar alarm consists of just the skeleton sensors necessary to detect an intrusion door, window, and motion and notify the homeowner with an audible noise. An alarm system extends this to also include fire and smoke detectors. Taking it a bit further, a home security system also can include monitoring by a central station, home security cameras, remote control via your smartphone, and home automation options such as automated lighting and door locks. With all the tech options today, you probably want to choose this more comprehensive security system to best meet your needs. For most home alarm options, yes.

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It also features a built in microphone, so you can hear as well as see.

alarm companies in san antonio

alarm companies in san antonio